At the end of last term, our Deputy Principal, Glynn Saunders, myself and two staff members took a group of students and parents to Fukuoka City, Japan.

We were hosted by Wakamiya and Takamiya Elementary Schools, our "sister" schools. This was the third time we have undertaken this exchange to both schools and the eighth time we have visited Japan.

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The trip went very well and the students experienced the Japanese culture through school life, home life and sightseeing. They had wonderful experiences and made some good friendships.


We were impressed by the way our students conducted themselves and the personal growth we could see in each of the children.


I would like to thank the staff and parents who went on the trip; Glynn Saunders, Chia Mhawish, Jean Goodhall, Grant Caunter, Nicole Hollins, Ginie Murphy, Bo Burns, Donna Jayne and Sheryl Nichols. It was a great group and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Wakamiya and Takamiya Schools' students will be visiting us next year and we will plan another trip in 2019.