At the beginning of Term 3, students from Syndicate E and F Nature of Technology classes, were given a brief to set up a small al fresco café business. Through this authentic context they have learned about the skills involved in setting up a café, including technologies, entrepreneurial and food and hospitality skills.


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The students began their learning journey by surveying stakeholders (other students and staff) to find out:

  • whether they would use the café
  • what type of food they would like to see on the menu
  • how much they would be prepared to pay for it

They analysed the results and set to work with the numerous jobs required:

  • creating a menu
  • calculating the cost of producing food/retail price
  • choosing a suitable name
  • designing a logo/booking forms
  • writing a philosophy
  • testing and trialling the recipes
  • practising hospitality skills
  • advertising the café
  • decorating the café
  • preparing the food
  • taking and processing orders
  • keeping financial records
  • serving customers in the café

The students chose their roles and each syndicate had one trial run. At the end of each session we sat down to debrief the service and made suggestions for improvements, modifying our practice to improve efficiency. A tight timeframe of seven lessons revealed to the students that they would need to seek assistance from 'others' - just like in the 'real world'! They collaborated with teachers, support staff, other classes and individual students to make their initial brief, their al fresco café, a reality!


Finally, the day of the official launch and blessing of Kawhé Hui arrived. Whaea Taini Drummond accepted the invitation to bless the café for us and special guests celebrated by dining at the café. It was a magnificent occasion with beautifully decorated tables and our very own musicians playing live music. The service team felt proud wearing their cool uniforms and serving delicious rustic pizzas with sides of vegetables or fruit on paddle boards, with chilled banana smoothies or aromatic coffee (for the adults), which all delighted the guests!


We were very fortunate to have a parent, Matthew Fillet, who is also a chef, come in and talk to the cohort, assist with the café service and give the team invaluable tips for improving the systems in the kitchen.


We will be calling Year 8 students who are interested in being part of the Kawhé Hui entrepreneurial team or the café service team (chefs and service staff) to apply for a position. The selection process will begin with the completion of a job application form and possibly an interview. Successful candidates will be responsible for the day to day running of the café. Each Year 8 food technology class will also have the opportunity to assist with running the café.


Kawhé Hui can accommodate approximately 20 people at a time and it is open once a week, on a Friday, at lunch time (from 12:25 pm till 1:25 pm). As the name "Kawhé Hui" (the Meeting Café) suggests, it is a place for students, staff and parents to come together and share kai.


Parents are very welcome to book lunch at the café and enjoy dining with their child. Booking and order forms can be collected from the school office. To make a booking you will need to complete the booking and order form and return it to school with the payment, in a named envelope, to Mrs Thorpe in the Food Technology room. Bookings must be received by Thursday afternoon, before the Friday you intend dining at the café. Your booking will be confirmed in the daily notices and via email. Next term we will have an online booking system up and running.