On Friday 29th June, 140 students were given the great opportunity to visit the Science Roadshow in our school gym. We were able to interact with many great exhibits and hear about many different aspects of Science.


The two shows we watched were: Spectacular Changes where we saw many energetic physical and chemical changes, and Hidden World, where we exposed the "unseen" world with special equipment.

It was very interesting to see the chemicals react to each other and see the crazy things that happened. We also developed our knowledge about microscopic machinery and how X -rays work.

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After the first show we were extremely fortunate to explore all the exhibits of the Roadshow. One of the exhibits that we found particularly interesting was the magnetic stand. It showed the north and south poles and how they attract to each other. When we tried to put the same ones together it was impossible. This was my favourite because it was really fun, interesting and interactive. – Lucy (Syn G)


My favourite exhibit was the stand with the ping pong machine. It was a plastic cone that sat on top of a tube. You had to place a ping pong ball in the tube, and lift up a handle, holding a bowling ball. After lifting the bowling ball up as high as you could, you had to push it down hard, and the pressure blasted the ping pong ball out of the tube and out of the cone, occasionally hitting the roof. This was my favourite exhibit because it was fun to see how high you could blast the ping pong ball. - Isabella (Syn G)

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I loved the Marble Exhibit. It was a ramp with two small marbles located in the middle. You dropped the two marbles from different heights on either side and saw where they met in the middle. It was my favourite exhibit because it was interesting to see where the marbles met each time. - Bianca (Syn G)


The treasure hunt was my favourite. We had to use a measuring machine to find the keys to open the locked box. The keys were hidden under crushed tree barks. When the machine met the metal keys it made a beep. – Sophia (Syn G)

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My personal favourite would have to be the hovercraft. It was a ride that had an inflatable, rubber cushion, that got filled with air, which made it seem as if it was floating. – Anna Sandhu


The cool thing about the science roadshow exhibits was that there were lots of different parts of science in them from chemistry (my favourite) to palaeontology (the study of fossilized animals and plants). – Tom Marr


All in all, it was an amazing experience that taught us so much about the wonderful world of Science. I would definitely love to visit the Science Roadshow again.


Thank you to the parents who helped with supervision on the day.