Holocaust survivor Bob Narev returned to Somerville last week to deliver two incredible survival stories to an audience in excess of 400 students. Students were captivated by Bob's harrowing but inspirational stories of both him and his wife Freda's time under Nazi rule.


"It was such a privilege to get to hear a Holocaust survivor's story because in the future they won't be here in person - the people who will be able to hand down their stories will be us," said Imogen Leigh from Room 12.


It was Bob's second visit to Somerville and he emphasised to students the importance of being upstanders not bystanders.


"In the face of bullying speak out and stand up for people who need help and whose voices need to be heard," he said.


Also in the audience was Chris Harris, the education director from the New Zealand Holocaust Centre. It was Chris's third visit to Somerville Intermediate this term, working with students on the role of the centre to inspire and empower individuals to stand against prejudice and apathy.

He said he was very impressed with the level of understanding and questioning shown by students.


"I have done many secondary school talks this year and I have not been as impressed as I have been with the students here at Somerville Intermediate," he said.


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