Recently Somerville took part in a Wearable Arts evening hosted by Botany Downs Secondary College who are fundraising for a trip to America.

It was an evening full of glamour, creativity and excitement.


The Wearable Arts team entered thirteen garments. The five categories included were:
'Reclaim' - where the old was made new again.
'In Your Own Backyard' - where inspiration was obtained from looking close to home and thinking of all that includes kiwiana.
'Festive Fashion' - where a mid winter Christmas theme was the inspiration.
'Avant Garde' - where the boundaries of fashion were pushed.
'Glitz and Glamour' - where extravagance and shine were only to be expected.

The teams worked over term one to create their garments and showed them off over the course of two nights.

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Madi Taylor won the 'Reclaim' section with her window blind creation and Wei Zin Chan won the 'Avant Garde' section with her garment titled 'Autumn Bird'. This garment celebrated the Autumn season and diversity within New Zealand. Her garment was displayed at Uxbridge Arts Centre alongside the supreme winner's garment for one week following the competition.

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Jasmine won the Intermediate section with her garment titled 'No Weeds at the Ball'. She won the crowd with her impressive display of all that is Wearable Arts on the cat walk.


The students involved should all be proud of themselves for their exemplary creative skills and involvement in this great event.

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Reported by: Rebecca Ferguson, Art Specialist