On Monday 6 March, 32 students went to the Vodafone Events Centre, excited to meet Nanogirl. Nanogirl and her clumsy friend Morris walked us through amazing experiments and the science behind them.

A handful of lucky students from the audience were picked to help in those experiments.


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The first experiment taught us all about centrifugal force. Nanogirl placed a glass of water on to a plank with four strings attached. In awe, we watched as she hurled it and to our surprise, not a single drop of water was spilt. Then it was a student's turn and again, with the help of centrifugal force, the glass stayed glued to the plank, with no water spilt.


The crowd's favourite was 'Bed of Nails'. A nervous student was chosen to pop balloons - first with one nail and the second time with a couple of nails. Of course, the first one popped but then, amazingly, the group of nails didn't affect the balloon as much! The student pushed with all her strength and finally, the balloon popped. Nanogirl didn't stop there though. She tested this by lying on a bed of nails, with Morris placing a table on top of her, with a large brick on the table. He then took a hammer and smashed the brick. The audience watched, eyes peeled with extreme interest. Surprisingly Nanogirl survived, still in shape and better than ever. We learned how pressure can be distributed over the entire load.


The third experiment involved fire - small explosions popping in the air. Another volunteer stepped out in safety gear with what looked like a 3 metre matchstick. Carefully they pushed the lit stick towards balloons filled with hydrogen, helium and oxygen, and a mixture of these. The audience clasped their ears shut as the balloons exploded in front of them. It was spectacular... and quite loud!


Everyone enjoyed watching this spectacular show and we learnt so much. It was an amazing experience and was perfect for students who love science.


Reported by: Shraddha Surajith, Rm 12