Year 7

Year 7 pupils study a foundation course based around freehand and formal drawing techniques. They are also introduced to colour theory, lettering, and an elementary introduction to computer aided design.

Year 8

Year 8 build upon the Y7 programme with more empahisis on geometrical construction, orthographic and working drawings. Basic architectural drawing and extensive use of computer aided design forms the basis for this year.


The learning intentions related to the subject of Graphics and Design at Somerville Intermediate are listed below. The intentions are for students to cover a broad base of problem solving activities that require them to communicate ideas through drawing and computer graphics. Both year 7 and year 8 are taught graphics and presentation skills through interesting design situations. Graphics and Design is one of the four subjects taught at Somerville linked to the New Zealand Technology curriculum.

Learning intentions for Graphics and Design

  • To demonstrate a range of drawing skills to express, develop, and communicate ideas
  • To develop a sound working knowledge of graphics equipment, software, materials and of general drafting practice
  • To use a variety of presentation and illustrative techniques to describe and clarify shape and structure
  • To develop a critical awareness of drawing presentation and take pride in achieving high personal standards
  • To understand and apply the basic processes and elements of design
  • To develop abilities in solving design problems through investigation, drawing, modelling, computer graphics, and other relevant approaches
  • To apply appropriate mathematical and technological knowledge to solving graphics problems
  • To gain a knowledge of materials, processes, and components and of their application to product, system, or environmental design
  • To interpret, design, and produce data graphics, such as symbols, logograms, circuit diagrams, charts, flow diagrams, and graphs
  • To learn to evaluate how well solutions meet a given brief or instruction
  • To develop, through activities in design, an appreciation and aesthetic awareness of design's impact on people and the environment.