Board of Trustees elections are held every 18 months. The board meet each month at 7.30 pm in the boardroom.


Meetings are open to members of the school community. Board meeting dates for the current year are listed below. Please note, dates may change. For confirmation please phone the school office.


Board of Trustees



Stuart Wellm

Chairperson, Parent Representative 

David Ellery


Sonya Koshy

Staff Representative

Brian Ross

Parent Representative

Brian Carr

Parent Representative

Jonathan Willows

Parent Representative

Karen Musham

Parent Representative


BoT Meeting Dates 2019 (TBC)

BoT Meetings

Finance Meetings

Thursday 28 February

Wednesday 20 February

Thursday 28 March

Wednesday 20 March

Thursday 2 May

Thursday 25 April (school holidays)

Thursday 30 May

Wednesday 22 May

Thursday 27 June

Wednesday 19 June

Thursday 1 August

Wednesday 24 July

Thursday 29 August

Wednesday 21 August

Thursday 26 September

Wednesday 18 September

Thursday 31 October

Thursday 24 October

Wednesday 27 November

Wednesday 20 November